Contest Dates: July 4–August 14, 2020

Our Committee sat around at our last meeting trying to come up with an idea that would be fun for all ages, get people out-of-doors but not in large groups, prize related but not too difficult. This meeting gave birth to the Great Salt Pond Photo Scavenger Hunt which starts on the 4th of July and ends August 14th. Anyone who has a digital camera (iPhone, iPad, etc.) can play. Come on down to your Pond and start taking those photos.

Spell out SALT POND with photos taken around the Great Salt Pond.
If all photo requirements are met the WINNER receives a CGSP hat. (See photo to the right)


  • Examples:Take a photo of the SAND. That letter “S” in Sand gives us the letter we need for “S”ALT. Similarly, take a photo of an ANCHOR. The letter “A” in anchor gives us the second letter we need.
  • S”A”LT. We are on our way to spelling out SALT POND.
  • Take a photo for each of the eight subjects Then prepare for an email. Select from your photo file the 8 photos and include in a single text an explanation on how each photo represents the letter. Example: Pic of Sand represents first “S” in Salt Pond.

Send email to where they will be “juried” and if approved, a prize of a Great Salt Pond hat will be awarded.

Winners will be announced in the BIBB

  • Photos can be taken anywhere within 75 feet of the Pond but must have the Pond showing.
  • There must be a separate photo for each letter. One photo can not be used for two objects.
  • The email must include all 8 photos combined plus an explanation of which photo represents which letter in the spelling of SALT POND.
  • The email must include your full name and “snail mail “ address in order to receive your prize.

Any questions , email: