Dunes and Buffers

A major 2016 initiative is to protect the pond’s buffers in highly vulnerable places like Beane Point and at the south end of Corn Neck Road near the Beachead. Supporting and replenishing these buffers is critical to the health of the pond. Since super storm Sandy in 2012, the dunes in this area have been severely impaired, due in part to poor re-vegetation when the road was rebuilt. The CGSP is concerned about a possible breach the next time there is another large storm. To strengthen the dunes & buffers for the pond, the CGSP has committed to funding the construction of “walkovers” for visitors to use rather than trampling the dunes. We are working closely with the town on the walkovers and other conservation groups to improve brush and grass planting.

To this end, the CGSP is establishing a special fundraising drive to partially offset the cost of constructing the walkovers, and are asking for your financial support from our Block Island friends, residents and visitors alike. Please join this conservation effort by making a generous donation now. Be a part of protecting the dune buffers, and thereby protecting our Island and the Great Salt Pond.

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